Losing weight at 50: adopt the right reflexes

Losing weight at 50: adopt the right reflexes

Are you fifty years old and want to lose weight? This is an excellent resolution! But it is more difficult to lose weight during menopause than when you show your thirty-five springs! The reason is simple: with age, usually muscle mass decreases and fat mass increases. Other parameters come into play and only accentuate your discomfort. But with a little common sense and a nice dose of optimism you can shed the pounds that plague your life.

Today women still remain beautiful at 50 years old. Yet they feel a terrible shock when the first symptoms of menopause appear. And while medicine has made great strides in alleviating the effects of falling progesterone and estrogen, weight gain is one of the most difficult challenges for these “young” seniors. However, losing weight after 50 years is possible! But how?

How to lose weight after 50 years and get rid of those extra pounds?

There is no question of talking about slimming diets here. Lunch without bread, dinners without desserts or sleepless nights because of your belly crying out for hunger! No, here we are talking about taste, flavors, and especially well-being. Because a well-nourished body is a happy body. Just because you’re in your fifties doesn’t mean you have to abuse your curves. Does the scale indicate overweight that makes you jump? Don’t panic, you can also lose weight at 50.

To lose weight at 50, first forget what you know about weight loss

 Losing weight after 50 does not mean starving or making sacrifices. Yet this is what diet merchants have been offering you for ages. Dissociated, high protein, low calorie or hypoglycemic, you are spoiled for choice. But, no need to remember that as soon as you start to eat normally, the fat will quickly come back! You will then gain more pounds than you have lost. Enough restrictions and let the pleasure of consuming what you like! Because even at 50 years old we have the right to crack for delicacies that make us salivate. While losing weight.

Eat only when you are hungry

Exit the cliché of three meals at fixed times with which you have been knocked out from your youngest age! Because, in “real life”, your body knows what it needs and sends you messages so that you get it. Whether you are skipping breakfast or stepping back to dinner later in the evening, the important thing is to sit down to dinner only when you feel hungry. Don’t wait for hunger to pull your stomach tight, and eat as soon as you feel that you are able to derive real taste pleasure from the food that tempts you.

Treat yourself

Losing weight during menopause is not more difficult than at another age, in fact. But as the metabolism slows down, your needs are reduced and the portions should be proportioned. You no longer have the energy needs of your 20s, and often half-plates are perfectly satisfactory.

Another problem is the emotional disturbances due to hormonal changes. You realize that at the slightest annoyance, your emotions overwhelm you and you feel an unbearable desire to “fill up” yourself to appease your existential anxieties.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you feel guilty for having broken down once again. If you are in this case, it is time to undertake some work in cognitive-emotional therapy, as offered on the Line Coaching site. You will then learn to increase your emotional tolerance and not to “eat your emotions”.

Get into sport

Changing your eating behavior is already good, but accompanying it with physical activity, practiced regularly, is even better. Not only will you prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, but you will also boost your weight loss. All sports are allowed (or almost) as long as you practice them gently and carefully.

But before you go back to it, it would be good to make an inventory with your doctor. It will hardly take you a few hours and will give you peace of mind about your state of health. You can also restart gently with Guillaume, the Linecoaching sports coach. He has developed a fitness trail suitable for all levels, to get back in shape at your own pace.

Want to lose weight at 50? Get help

You are a big girl and in general you know how to take your responsibilities and assume them. But here, the stake is important. And on your own, you have a hard time staying the course. So, surround yourself and call on the people you love to encourage you to lose weight. And if that’s not enough, treat yourself to a professional slimming coach who, with pedagogy and finesse, will guide you throughout your training . We bet it will make you smile again in no time. And a pretty figure as a bonus.

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