Alluramin – Alluramin Review – Alluramin Scam or legit ?

AlluraminAlluramin – Alluramin Review – Alluramin Scam or legit ?

How to seduce a woman with pheromones

Seduction is an art that is not given to everyone to master. Attracting women is one thing but having them in bed is another …
Have you noticed that some men who are not very beautiful nevertheless managed to conclude regularly with very pretty girls?
Would you like to know their secret? We finally reveal it to you today!

Seduction is based on pheromones

Many scientists have succeeded in identifying the origin of sexual attraction. In all animal species, pheromones are hormones excreted to induce the desire of the opposite sex. In humans, these hormones are present in sweat at the time of sexual arousal and thus, can attract partners to encourage them to act.

The power of androstadienone

These same studies have succeeded in identifying the main pheromone that acts in the seduction of the opposite sex by men: it is androstadienone.
It has been shown that this hormone derived from testosterone and present in sweat offers the woman another vision of the one who secretes it.
Clearly this pheromone generates an immediate effect with results out of the ordinary!

Multiply the chances of seducing or even baiting a woman

For men who have problems in seduction or those who have trouble attracting women they like there is a solution that can fan the flame in the female. It is Alluramin : a male fragrance containing several natural pheromones including a high concentration of androstadienone.

With this perfume, you will be sure to attract all those on whom you flash. The benefits are numerous with this perfume: neither other men nor homosexual women will be sensitive, for them Alluramin will be undetectable, on the other hand heterosexual women will be very VERY sensitive!
Very discreet and pleasant, it will put them at ease while ensuring a rising seduction capital.

If it is suitable for all men who want to go hunting, careful it will obviously not be enough to seduce a woman, but you will greatly increase your chances.

Composition and functioning of Alluramin

Alluramin is a 100% natural fragrance that poses no health risk and can be used by men of all ages. Alluramin is essentially composed of natural pheromones and it will offer incredible results in seduction: it will encourage and stimulate desire in more than 92% of women.

Its application is as for a perfume: on the wrist, neck or on clothing.
Harmless and without side effects, it’s a world class formula tested and approved.

Pheromones target olfactory receptors directly related to the brain, which subsequently modifies the sexual response in women.
The man who has sprayed himself with Alluramin will thus make it much easier to desire and intensify his partner’s excitement.

With this product, as long as you do not make a big mistake in your approach to seduction, it is the success of transforming an appointment into hot and intense moments.
Order a bottle of Alluramin you will see for yourself the result and give a new dimension to your sex life …

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