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Viaher Pro Review : For several years, Viaman has been designing products for men’s sexual pleasure and well-being. Moreover, the latest Viaman capsules have been designed to allow men to be more efficient during their sexual intercourse! Indeed, many men suffer from not having as fulfilled sexuality as they wish. But, we must not stop there! Women also need help or a libido enhancer from time to time… That’s why the company created Viaher. Reports that are too short, lack of libido, and difficulties in having fun are all hassles that can be resolved today by simply ingesting a capsule .. Thanks to their composition rich in natural active ingredients, these Viaher capsules can significantly increase your libido. In this article, we go around the question and provide you with all the necessary information.

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Desire problem in women, what is it?

The modern definition of female sexual desire disorder primarily refers to an absence or decrease in sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity . The woman with this disorder has little motivation to seek sexual sensations and usually does not initiate sexual activity, or engages in it reluctantly when her partner takes the initiative. This situation causes pronounced subjective suffering in the woman and/or her partner and therefore relationship difficulties.

Among these dysfunctions, we distinguish various types: first of all the primary disorder, when sexual desire has always been weak or absent. This concerns a minority of women suffering from libido problems. The secondary disorder, on the other hand, corresponds to a desire that was present, but which diminished or disappeared gradually or suddenly. In the case of situational disorder, the desire is weak or absent during certain stimulations only, or in certain situations, for example with a particular partner or when the children sleep in the next room. Finally, the generalized disorder appears in any situation and independently of the partner.

Stress, the main cause of lack of desire

Today, our pace of life has changed a lot compared to what previous generations knew… In all aspects of life! Indeed, we always ask for more and harder, while the human body has not developed so quickly. This is why, today, we are witnessing an explosion of depression , burnout, etc. This year, we have even seen the brown-out see the light of day (the depression linked to the supposed or verified uselessness of one’s work)… And that’s only the work, because then there are the financial worries, the children, the husband and all the little adventures of life… Yes, the stress that we accumulate because of all these things kills the desire that we have in us. It damages the libido.

How ?

Stress significantly reduces the secretion of sex hormones . This will lead to a drop in libido since it will no longer be supported by these same hormones.

Indeed, to be at the top of your libido, the body must produce enough of it. In men, this results in full-strength production of testosterone. In women, it’s the same, but with the hormone called estrogen . For both men and women, it is possible to buy it in the form of a supplement, which is not very complicated and that is what Viaher does here.

However, you should know that stress affects the production of a steroid hormone: pregnenolone. This, instead of being converted into sex hormones, will be transformed into cortisol. This is a hormone that influences the stress level of the body. When the level of cortisol is too high compared to the level of testosterone and estrogen, the libido drops.

In fact, the decrease in libido is reflected differently in men and women. With the decline in testosterone, the man will have difficulty having an erection and being able to maintain it. He will also have lower quality sperm (which can be a problem for having children) since the quantity and quality of sperm will be affected. Sometimes it can come down to lack of sexual desire or premature ejaculations. For women, there are not all these symptoms, but too much stress can result in an absence of sexual desire or a very rare desire, more rarely frigidity . Frequent cases, the lubrication is not done correctly and it is very difficult or even impossible to enjoy.

But there are also other factors

Lack of desire in women is defined as a complete cessation or significant decrease in sexual interest or sexual arousal. For us to be able to speak of dysfunction, and therefore of a real problem, we must meet at least 3 criteria among the following:

  • Lack of interest in sexual activity ( lack of sexual desire ),
  • A marked decrease in sexual interest ( decreased sexual desire ),
  • An absence of sexual fantasies,
  • An absence of sexual or erotic thoughts,
  • Refusals on the part of the woman to have a sexual relationship with her partner,
  • A lack of feeling of pleasure during sex.

For it to be truly sexual dysfunction related to sexual interest and arousal, these symptoms must have lasted for more than 6 months and cause distress on the part of the woman . They must also not be linked to an illness or to the intake of toxic substances (drugs).

Viaher, what is it?

Viaman laboratories worked on a new product intended for the other half of the clientele, the one to which it offered nothing: women . Today, they offer to help you solve your intimate problems in terms of low libido and lack of desire.

Because Viaman Laboratories has understood that it is essential to favor the health of its customers, the products on sale are as natural as possible and thus make it possible to avoid a maximum of side effects. This is why the Viaher only contains 100% natural ingredients . Minimizing the risk of side effects and contraindications…

The ingredients used are recognized for their aphrodisiac properties on the one hand; and on the other hand for the benefits they bring to the body systemically!

Thanks to Viaher capsules, you improve your sexual performance. The main advantage is that they work after only 30 minutes! In addition, they are intended to be very discreet and cannot be distinguished from another food supplement. So you can eat it without anyone noticing. For an optimal effect, it is enough to take the capsule in question a few moments before the sexual intercourse so that the elements have time to act on your organism . You should not neglect the continuity of the treatment either, because at the beginning your body must regain stability. Only then can you space out your takes. And of course as health is paramount, the ingredients of this product are 100% natural. These have an immediate effect thanks to the many vitamins that go into the composition. So you’ll be in great shape!

The composition of the Viaher

To be sure of its boosting effect on the libido and the body of women, the Viaher uses the two key ingredients on the market: ginseng and ginkgo biloba. Studies support this opinion. These are, in fact, the two best-selling products in Europe on the market of food supplements for sexuality. In addition, the product embeds a whole series of vitamins and minerals. Some are also well known for providing hormonal stability and helping the mood. Because at the end of the day, you need to reduce your stress level (stability), energy (to be able to cuddle) and an aphrodisiac to enjoy the moment (ginseng and others)!


This mineral is known for its influence on physical performance . Indeed, it helps to give the muscles strength and endurance. Scientific research has shown that magnesium has a positive influence on hormones which helps women to have a more developed libido, but also to be more confident and have more desire during their sexual intercourse.


Zinc is a mineral that the body needs to relieve stress . It is also a key element of the composition of the Viaher in this context. In addition, zinc helps boost cognitive functions and stimulate fertility and the reproductive system (in women as in men).

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 allows the production of serotonin, a very important neurotransmitter which is among other things responsible for mood . It’s not always easy to be in a good mood and ready to act, especially when it comes to intimate life . Vitamin B6 is known to soothe the mood, but also to naturally increase the psychological functions of the person which will make you stronger and more focused during those intimate occasions.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin B12 is known to maintain the health of the nervous system, but also to promote intercellular communication which is very important during sexual stimulation. Men with low vitamin B12 levels have poor muscle reflexes and are less focused. Vitamin B12 is also known to improve fertility.

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The key ingredients: ginkgo biloba and ginseng


Originally from China, Ginkgo Biloba was introduced to Europe a few centuries ago. Its leaves have flavonoids, active ingredients that stimulate blood circulation. In addition, the plant has different interesting aspects such as the sedative, anticoagulant, vasodilator or antioxidant effect. As part of the Viaher, it is used for its ability to:

  • reduce symptoms of anxiety
  • alleviate premenstrual syndromes
  • stimulate cognitive faculties
  • treat sexual dysfunction

And Ginseng

Genuine ginseng comes straight from Asia, more specifically from China and Korea. We find traces of its use 4,000 years ago, a guarantee of effectiveness if ever there was one. In terms of aphrodisiac properties, ginseng does not differentiate between men and women. Both sexes can benefit from its virtues.

If it is so appreciated, it is because it has many benefits to last longer in bed. First of all, it is possible to use this plant for its powerful aphrodisiac capacities which awaken desire. From a physical point of view, the plant also plays a  beneficial role in sexual impotence and the lack of desire in general . In addition, if you are looking to conceive a child, know that ginseng will be your best ally. Indeed, among its properties, we find the increase in the quality of sperm, the lengthening of the ovulation period and the general fight against infertility.

In women, ginseng can also fight against libido problems, lack of sexual desire and frigidity. It has, finally, energizing virtues and participates in the stimulation of sexual activity and the renewal of self-confidence.

What dosage for Viaher?

Taking the Viaher is very simple. It only takes 2 pills for you to have absorbed the optimal dose for the day. They are easy to digest, and therefore only require a large glass of water. Preferably, it is advisable to take one of the capsules in the morning, the other in the evening in order to smooth the hold throughout the day. It should be noted that it is a long-term use that will allow you to feel all the effects of the Viaher dietary supplement. The manufacturer specifies that the duration is 3 months .

To complete a treatment, you will need three bottles of capsules, these being sold in boxes of 60, which is the equivalent of one month’s supply.

Viaher side effects

Speaking of intolerance and allergy, this is indeed one of the points to be aware of when taking this type of supplement. As there are many ingredients that go into its manufacture, it cannot be ruled out that you may be allergic or hypersensitive to one of them. Therefore, it is always advisable to take a first dose and note any effects before using the product repeatedly.

In case of doubt or question, do not hesitate to seek the advice of your doctor or pharmacist who can guide you in your treatment.

Reviews and evaluation of the Viaher by women

It is not logical to talk about a product without taking into account what the women who consume it think of it! This is why, after having sought these opinions on the official site of the mark and on various sites and forums of exchanges. The result is a  very favorable opinion on the new product of the Viaman laboratories, the Viaher!  As for customer opinions and testimonials, they remain very positive and prove the effectiveness of a Viaher cure on the libido. Women who have taken it consider its effect as positive on their life as a couple. As well as on their perception of sexual satisfaction with their partner.

Great, I became a sex bomb 🙂 … Our sexual relationship grew 200%!!amelia

Nothing to complain about delivery on time and above all good product without adverse effects unlike other products of the competition…Vérodu89

Buy Viaher, where, how and at what price?

It is possible to buy Viaher directly on the Internet. Prices vary from one site to another and may even fluctuate depending on the quantity you want to buy. These sites also offer you to deliver the package directly to your home. This happens discreetly and quickly so as not to draw attention to your problems and so that you can start your treatment quickly.

The delivery

Because an online pharmacy is above all people who work for the well-being of others, the delivery is done efficiently… This kind of supplement and product for intimate hygiene or problems related to sexuality must be discreet! These are products like no other! We make it a point of honor to remain discreet when sending packages. It is quite impossible to guess the contents of the package upon delivery (the label does not mention the site or the contents). Confidentiality is therefore total and at no additional cost to the price .
Sometimes intimate issues are so crippling that it’s hard to wait. The site has therefore set up a delivery in just 24 hours!

Because of its general experience in the sale of drugs and supplements, an online pharmacy can also give you advice ! To choose the products that suit you, to have advice on use, for personalized information, but they also offer basic rules.
Like, for example, being careful with the medications you take, exercising or quitting smoking! Because sometimes we feel a little alone in the face of our intimate problems, and it is not easy to talk about them to our loved ones, this type of online pharmacy provides customer service that is open continuously (or almost) and accessible by phone and email.

Why order Viaher from an online pharmacy?

For several reasons: it’s simple, discreet, fast, inexpensive and effective. And that the site is trustworthy and meets all the conditions to ensure that the drugs are not counterfeits.

If you have any questions, ask your doctor or your pharmacist for advice. But remember that no prescription is needed to get the viaher!

Beware of fake Viaher and scams!

We must not take care at all costs at the risk of paying the price!

Ordering Viaher from your doctor is a great idea, as long as you go to a reliable internet store ! There are indeed disreputable sites that sell fake Viaher. At best, you will have a placebo; at worst, a drug dangerous to your health! Tablets that may contain dangerous ingredients that can make you very sick. Falling into a scam is also sometimes not receiving delivery of your order and having bought wind.

Recognizing a reliable site from another is not complicated. We must keep in mind certain principles of safety and prudence…

  • Online pharmacies are, for example, not allowed to sell without a prescription! It is possible to get a consultation online, but even so, a prescription still needs to be prescribed online. If not, turn on your heels.
  • Order from an online pharmacy located in Europe. Legislation outside the European Union is less strict. This allows ill-intentioned companies to implement fraudulent practices.
  • Check if the online store has customer service that can be contacted. But also, an after-sales service, a head office in a country of the European Union. All this is easily found in the legal notices of the site.
  • Check customer reviews on various websites.

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