The Best Snow Blower Brands in Canada 2023

The Best Snow Blower Brands in Canada: Do you dream of a worry-free winter, a return to warmth after a day of work, without having to plow your driveway under deep snow? Opt for a snow blower! But how do you choose the one that best suits your needs? Electricity, gasoline, or battery? A high working width or not?

With our buying guide, we decipher these aspects for you, so that you can make an informed choice. We also surveyed our Consumer Panel to bring you the most trusted brands like Honda, Ariens, Toro, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, Snow Joe, and more. Find out what makes the difference between one-, two-, or three-stage snowblowers, and make sure you make the right choice for a hassle-free winter.

Electric snow blowers

Electric Snow Blowers If you are looking for an easy-to-use snow blower, electric snow blowers may be a great option for you. Running on an electricity source, they are lighter and quieter than gasoline models, in addition to not requiring an exhaust vent. However, their performance may be limited due to their power, but it also depends on the amount of snow to be cleared.

Some of the most reliable brands of electric snow blowers include Snow Joe and Greenworks. Snow Joe offers a wide range of electric snow blowers, including corded and cordless models, offering great mobility. Greenworks, on the other hand, focuses on the durability of their products, with electric snow blowers that feature long-lasting batteries. The benefits of electric snow blowers include their ease of use and minimal maintenance, with no oil or gasoline to replace.

In addition, they are more economical to purchase and use than gasoline models. However, the main disadvantage of electric snow blowers is their lack of power to clear large amounts of snow. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly solution that is easy to use, and you have a small amount of snow to clear, then electric snow blowers can be a great option.

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Whether you prefer electric, gas, or battery, we guide you through the options so you can clear your driveway worry-free. Discover the most trusted brands like Honda, Ariens, Toro, Cub Cadet, Craftsman, Snow Joe, and more.

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Gasoline snow blowers

Gas snow blowers are often considered the most powerful and robust on the market. They are suitable for large areas and significant quantities of snow. These snow blowers run on gasoline and have a very powerful engine, usually 4-stroke. They are often more expensive than electric snow blowers but are essential for areas with heavy snowfall. The most reliable brands of gas snow blowers are Ariens, Cub Cadet, Toro, Honda, Briggs & Stratton, and Husqvarna.

These brands have a long history of manufacturing quality equipment, including gas-powered snow blowers. The advantages of gas snow blowers are their power, durability, and ability to remove large amounts of snow in a short time. However, they can be noisy and polluting, and require regular maintenance such as changing oil and replacing spark plugs.

In conclusion, if you have a large area and live in an area with heavy snowfall, a gas snow blower is a wise choice. Reliable brands like Ariens, Cub Cadet, Toro, and Honda can provide sturdy, durable equipment to effectively remove snow. Don’t forget regular maintenance to extend the life of your gas snow blower.

Battery snow blowers

Battery Snow Blowers Battery snow blowers are ideal for people who want to clear smaller, shorter driveways and sidewalks without needing a lot of power. The best advantage of battery blowers is that they are maintenance-free, and gas- and oil-free, making them convenient for short-term use. Plus, they don’t produce smoke, which is perfect for those who want to be eco-responsible.

However, battery life is relatively short, meaning battery blowers have a limited use time before the battery runs out. So be sure to check the battery life before choosing a battery snow blower. The most reliable brands of battery-powered snow blowers are Ariens, Snow Joe, and Ego.

Ariens snow blowers feature powerful motors that allow them to handle heavier tasks with ease, while Ego snow blowers feature batteries that last longer than their competitors. If you are looking for a lightweight and compact battery-powered snow blower, choose the Snow Joe.

In summary, if you are looking for a snow blower that is easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and quiet for short-term use, battery snow blowers are an excellent choice. However, it is important to consider battery life before making your choice and check the most reliable brands to get the best value for money.

Selection criteria for a snow blower

The selection criteria for a snow blower are numerous. First of all, it is important to take into account the size of the area to be cleared and the type of surface. If you have a large area to clear snow, you will need to opt for a more powerful snow blower. Then, power is an essential element to take into account. The higher the power of the snowblower, the more efficient it will be. In addition, the working width and clearing height are important criteria.

The working width depends on the width of your driveway or driveway, while the clearing height depends on the amount of snow you have to clear. It is important that the snow blower you choose is ergonomic and easy to use. Finally, the starting and steering system is also an important criterion to take into account.

It is best to opt for a snow blower that is easy to start and offers a good direction of rotation of the falling snow. With these criteria in mind, you can choose the snow blower that best suits your needs. But don’t forget, your snow blower will become your best friend during the winter!

The most reliable brands of snow blowers

Most Reliable Snow Blower Brands: Are you looking for a reliable brand that meets your snow blower needs? Here is a list of the most trusted brands in Canada. Ariens is a premium snow blower brand designed for extreme winters. These snow blowers are known for their durability, power, and ease of use.

Cub Cadet is another popular option. This brand of snow blowers offers a variation of models, from single-stage to three-stage snow blowers. Cub Cadet snow blowers are appreciated for their construction quality and reliability. For those looking to invest in a high-end snow blower, Toro is one of the most reliable brands.

Toro manufactures premium snow blowers designed to handle the harshest winters. Honda is a snow blower brand renowned for their quality design and superior performance. Honda snow blowers are designed to be sturdy, durable, and easy to use, providing excellent clearing coverage.

Craftsman is an American brand respected for its quality machines and exceptional performance. Craftsman snow blowers are sturdy and provide excellent performance for clearing driveways and harsh Canadian winters. Finally, if you are looking for an electric snow blower, Snow Joe is a brand that offers reliable and affordable electric snow blowers. These snow blowers are ideal for driveways and small areas but are also able to withstand light snowstorms.


Choosing the best snow blower for you will largely depend on your specific needs and budget. It is essential to take into account several key factors to make an informed choice.

First of all, the size of the area you plan to plow is crucial. If you have a small driveway or sidewalk area to clear, a lightweight, compact snowblower might be enough. On the other hand, for a large driveway or extensive property, you will likely need a more powerful snowblower with greater clearing capacity to save time and energy.

The power of the snow blower is another essential factor. Electric models are generally less powerful than gasoline models, but they may be suitable for small to medium-sized spaces. If you live in an area where snowfall is frequent and heavy, a more robust gas snowblower may be necessary to handle heavy snow accumulations.

The ergonomics of the device are also important. Make sure the snowblower you choose is easy to maneuver and use. Features like power steering or ergonomic handles can make snow removal work much more comfortable.

Finally, don’t neglect the maintenance of your snow blower. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance advice, such as regularly changing the oil (for gasoline models), cleaning components, and replacing worn parts, can go a long way in extending the life of your snowblower.

In summary, take the time to evaluate your specific snow removal needs, taking into account the size of your area, the power required, and the ergonomics of the device. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations. By investing in the snowblower that best suits your needs, you can ensure you have a worry-free winter and keep your property snow-free and safe.

FAQ – The Best Snow Blower Brands in Canada

Q1. What is a snow blower and why do I need one? A1. A snow blower is a device designed to remove snow from surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks. You need it to make snow removal easier and faster during harsh winters.

Q2. What are the main differences between electric, gas, and battery snow blowers? A2. Electric leaf blowers run on electricity and are lightweight, gas leaf blowers are powerful but require maintenance, while battery leaf blowers are eco-friendly but have limited battery life.

Q3. What brands are recommended for electric snow blowers? A3. Snow Joe and Greenworks are well-known brands for electric snow blowers.

Q4. What brands are famous for gas snow blowers? A4. Ariens, Cub Cadet, Toro, Honda, and Husqvarna are reliable brands for gas snowblowers.

Q5. What are the advantages of battery snow blowers? AT 5. Battery blowers are easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and quiet.

Q6. What brands are recommended for battery snow blowers? A6. Ariens, Snow Joe, and Ego are reliable brands for battery-powered snowblowers.

Q7. How do I choose the right power for my snow blower? A7. The power needed depends on the amount of snow you plan to clear and the density of the snow.

Q8. What ergonomic criteria are important when choosing a snow blower? AT 8. Ergonomic criteria include ease of use of controls, maneuverability, and handlebar height.

Q9. What are the most reliable brands of snow blowers in Canada? A9. Ariens, Cub Cadet, Toro, Honda, Craftsman, and Snow Joe are brands known for their reliability.

Q10. Where can I buy these snow blowers in Canada? A10. You can find these snow blowers at garden supply stores, hardware stores, online, and at local dealerships.


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