MaxSize Review – My Experience with MaxSize Reliable or Scam

MaxSize Review – My Experience with MaxSize Reliable or Scam?

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Can a special cream increase the size of your penis? Are enhancement lotions just for a temporary boost or can they do more? To answer these questions, we are going to try MaxSize enhancement cream and see what happens!

Obviously, we can’t judge all products based on one’s results; But it should at least let us know what to expect from this particular brand and maybe other people.

We received this product free of charge for our review. No monetary compensation was received for the writing and presentation of this article. All statements are the author’s own and are based on the opinions of the author. We may earn a commission if this item is purchased using the links we provide. This helps maintain this site and continues to review new products!

MaxSize product description

The subject of this review is called MaxSize the cream of male enhancement and is distributed by MD Science Lab. in the USA.

It is a thin cream or lotion that can be applied to the genital area before sex for increased arousal and better erection quality.

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Details sur MaxSize

  • Type: Genital Enhancement Cream
  • Water based
  • Ingredients: Butea superba, aloe vera, menthol, peppermint oil, niacin and 6 others.
  • Sizes available: 10 ml and 5 oz.
  • Cost: 39.95€

My experience and results: MaxSize Review

First of all, instead of being a thick cream, this product is more like a thin gel with enough body to prevent it from running. Also, because this is meant to be enhanced, don’t expect it to stay slippery for very long (it’s not a lubricant).

I used my entire 10 milliliter sample for this review. With each application, the cream began to work quickly, providing a cooling sensation within a minute or two. There’s also a nice peppermint scent that leaves your mint treats smelling fresh!

Although the effects of MaxSize were quite strong, he never felt uncomfortable. I mainly used it on my penis, but adding a little to my balls was good for extra stimulation.

They say one of the main ingredients, butea superba, is a natural stimulant. Certain properties of this ingredient allow it to promote proper sexual functioning and help with problems such as erectile dysfunction. Niacin is another great part of this formula, as it is also known for its erection-enhancing abilities.

I like that MaxSize doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue on the skin. When using it, it dries like a regular moisturizer. Once it was fully absorbed, the enhanced effects were very good and I enjoyed the overall experience.

Another advantage for this product is that it is water-based. If for some reason you use too much or need to remove any excess from your hands, it cleans easily with a damp cloth.

MaxSize is very similar to other enhancement creams and gels I’ve tried: VigRx Oil, JO Daily Maximizer, and Dr. Everhard Cumfast Penis Enlarger serum. Almost all of these contain menthol and peppermint oil which give them their stimulating properties.

How does it compare to others I’ve tried? Well, that seems to me just now. No better and no worse. I really don’t have any sores with this particular cream. Like the rest, this one seems to offer a respectable amount of stimulation capacity for a hard, strong erection and is a satisfactory product as long as you’re not expecting anything magical (i.e. it won’t make your dick permanently bigger or any such nonsense).

Use during sex was great and we had no problems. There were at least two instances where she thought my erections seemed fuller or larger. Whether it was the functional cream or me just being more excited that day, it made us both happy.

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Conclusion on my personal opinion on the Maxsize product

MaxSize male enhancement cream is an interesting product and I liked the cool feeling on my penis.

Although I didn’t detect any lasting benefits, there were a few instances where the thickness of my erections seemed greater.

I believe any guy could use MaxSize and get satisfactory results. Apply it just before sex or at any time and enjoy its effects. Those who have mild erectile dysfunction might feel a big improvement. To find out more about Maxsize click on the link above, to order safely.


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