Do you want to refine your figure without melting your wallet? It’s possible by following Truc Mania’s 7 tips to develop eating and hygiene rules to follow on a daily basis. By making some efforts in the medium and long term, you will see your body become firm again. You will also gain energy and vitality!

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Some diets are based on the principle of chrono-nutrition. This concept is based on the fact that you must feed your body what it needs when it needs it. This theory is often swept aside by other ideas that it’s better to start the day with a hearty breakfast because you’ll have all the rest of the day to burn off those calories.

One thing is certain, if possible you should eat every day at approximately the same times. In the morning, favor rich foods, such as cheese, bread, and even cold meats and eggs if you feel like them.

For lunch, provide your body with proteins, as well as legumes accompanied by vegetables. You can also add a portion of starchy foods to last until the evening. If you are hungry in the afternoon, plan a snack of fruit, hazelnuts or almonds.

Finally, in the evening, you can eat vegetables and a dairy product instead. Try to avoid cakes and industrial sweets as much as possible, as well as pastries, even at breakfast.


Eating quickly makes you gain weight! Yes, does that give you food for thought? Take the time to chew and chew foods to enjoy them.

By swallowing your meals too quickly, you deprive your brain of crucial information since the stomach only realizes that you have eaten enough after 20 minutes. Between each bite, put down your fork and take the time to enjoy the food, you will also make the work of your stomach easier.


For a reduced calorie intake, get into the habit of cooking while limiting sugar, salt and fat in general. Steaming or cooking in foil is delicious, if you complete your recipes with spices and aromatic herbs.

When baking, you can use margarine instead of butter or even substitute flour for vegetables. This is the case for recipes which consist of replacing part of the flour and fat with carrots, for example.

For dairy products, opt for 0% fat and choose compotes without added sugar for dessert.


Avoid industrial dishes as much as possible and prefer good homemade dishes with green vegetables, fish or lean meat. By limiting fat and salt, you will develop good habits and you will rediscover the taste of food.

Try adding aromatics, spices and aromatic herbs to add flavor to your dishes. The stated goal is to please yourself by taking care of your body.

You can keep a diary in which you write down what you cook and eat and what benefits you get from it. This can be a drop in weight, but also the feeling of having more energy or feeling lighter after the meal.

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Certain plants are known to drain or help digestion, others have real slimming power.

Here are the main ones, followed by their virtues:

  • Green tea: excellent diuretic, it helps you eliminate water.
  • Pineapple: it is a formidable fat burner.
  • Orange peel: it provides valuable help in eliminating toxins.
  • Fucus: its appetite suppressant action makes it a valuable ally for losing weight.
  • Guarana: it helps eliminate the fats you consume.

Phytotherapy is a very rich alternative medicine and you can really lose weight faster by combining your diet with supplements that you will find in specialized stores and pharmacies.


This is not a scoop, you should drink between 1 and a half and 2 liters of water per day, if you do not do intense sport. Indeed, the water contained in our body must be renewed throughout the day, because it is made up of 60% water, hence the importance of hydrating it.

Of course, athletes, hikers or people working in a profession requiring them to make significant physical efforts will have to consume even more water than average. It should also be noted that sodas and other sugary drinks should be avoided, and alcohol should be consumed in moderation.

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Regarding sport, if you thought you could escape it, you haven’t! Weight loss without exercising only exists in dreams, or in the speeches of charlatans. To lose weight, you must plan a sports session of around 30 minutes per day. This activity allows your muscles to develop so that they gradually take the place of the fats you have accumulated.

In addition, sport stimulates your metabolism which will begin to eliminate a greater percentage of fat. All sports are beneficial, Truc Mania’s advice is to choose the one that motivates you the most, to last over time, because the secret of the wasp waist is in the medium and long term.

Likewise, you can park your car a little further from the store, stand while waiting and prefer the stairs to the elevator. These are small details, but when added together, they have a significant impact on your figure and your health.


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