TAPfit Reviews – Features, Our Experience, Pros and Cons (Update 2020)

TAPfit Reviews - Features, Our Experience, Pros and Cons (Update 2020)

TAPfit is a three-phase dance and well-being program that uses tap dance ideologies to keep one moving to the beat, providing a workout and brain strengthening with no prior dance experience required. This cutting-edge digital well-being program was founded by four Australian sisters. The four sisters are all tap instructors and graduates of the Les Griffith Tap Dance Academy, with World Tap Dance Championships credentials from Riesa, Germany.

How does TapFit function?

According to the official website, the TapFit program was created by the co-creating sisters tap dancers, fitness coaches, and medical specialists and incorporates tap dancing, resistance training, cardio, and body sculpting moves to give users the best possible results, with customers reporting losing ten inches after five weeks of using the TapFit program.

Every TapFit workout is simple and low-impact, with sessions lasting only 20 to 30 minutes. It involves working the core, triggering the quadriceps, and all muscle clusters inside the bums. These muscles are designed to burn extra calories from the muscle groups, which is why the exercise is so effective in such a short and manageable time frame.

TapFit taps are made of a non-slip rubber grip and are designed to be worn over your shoes. Exercises are performed while dancing on the toes of the feet with restful knees, relieving strain on the lower back and utilizing your body’s mass distribution to provide you with caloric burning power without putting stress or impact on the joints.

Nonetheless, TapFit claims to have inspired university studies on the cognitive benefits of tap dancing, which is possibly even more exciting. While many people understand that regular exercise is beneficial to your brain’s health, some claim that tap dancing is even better than other forms of exercise.

Workouts Using TAPfit

TAPfit does not require consumers to purchase tap dancing shoes in order to use this program; instead, TAPfit offers six different exercise styles, which include all of the following:

1- Funk

2- Street \s• Classic \s• Broadway

3- Latin Flexibility and Strength

TAPfit guarantees that you will be able to demonstrate all of these tap stages in less than 5 minutes. Then you’re ready to begin the 20 to 30-minute dancing session. It assures customers that the program is safe and effective for everyone.

TAPfit coaches (including the four sisters and certified tap dance trainer Matt Douglass) will guide program participants through all exercises before “joining you on stage” for the ultimate tap dance.

TAPfit is a term used to describe a type of fitness equipment.

The product promises to turn tap dancing into a pleasurable form of exercise. TAPfit, which was developed by four sisters from Queensland, Australia, promises to exercise both your body and your mind.

Three of the sisters are triplets, and they are all trained tap dance therapists. After teaching a young family friend with cerebral palsy how to tap dance, the sisters decided to incorporate their tap dance training into a more comprehensive exercise regimen. TAPfit is the outcome of that effort.

TAPfit’s Operation

Each TAPfit workout lasts 20 to 30 minutes and promises to work your quads, buttocks, and core, which are the “three muscles [that] burn more calories than any other muscle group in your entire body!”

There are six different workout styles to choose from, totaling four hours of fun workouts, body sculpting moves, and dances.

TAPfit emphasizes healthy nutrition through its app in addition to the exercise routine. The app updates weekly with new recipes that are family-friendly, simple to prepare, and flavorful.

Your Deluxe TAPfit package includes a TAPfit mat with a soft backing and a grip underlay, allowing you to dance without damaging your floors. The TAPfit program claims to be safe for use on most floor types, including wood, tiles, wood, concrete, and carpet.

The program also claims to be simple enough for anyone to use – even if you can’t dance to save your life. “If you can step on the spot, you can do TAPfit,” the program’s creators claim.

You can burn up to 800 calories per hour by performing TAPfit exercises.

Meanwhile, those concerned about noise should know that the tap attachments included with the program produce noise at about 60 decibels, which is “less than the noise of a domestic vacuum cleaner and about the same noise level as a normal conversation.” Those tap attachments have been specially designed to reduce noise while providing a clear and crisp tap.

Exercises for TAPfit

TAPfit includes all of the following workout styles:

• Street • Funk • Broadway • Classic • Latin

TAPfit promises to teach you all of these music styles’ tap steps in under 5 minutes. Then you can start the 20 to 30 minute dance routine.

TAPfit instructors (including the four sisters and certified tap dance instructor Matt Douglass) will walk you through each workout before “joining you on stage” for the final tap dance.

Cost of TAPfit

TAPfit is suitable for women of all fitness levels and is available on its official website in three different packages, which include:

TAPFit Starter Kit Includes:

6-Week Workout Calendar, Arm-Toning Resistance Band, 6 Amazing Dance Workouts: DVDs & Online, Slip-On Patented Taps, and Getting Started & Workout Guides. A BONUS Dance Series with five fun dance workouts, including Latin, Funk, Broadway, Street, and Classic styles, is included with each purchase. PLUS a video showing each step-by-step process. USD$97.00

TapFit Deluxe:

Includes the entire starter package as well as a TAPfit rollable and foldable floor, learn to tap video tutorials, and a fat-burning no-equipment workout for $167.00 USD.

TapFit Platinum:

Includes everything in TAPfit Deluxe plus over 100 easy and delicious healthy recipes, over 100 brand new dance workouts, a weight loss success road map, and more. Access to a TapFit Online Studio with 100+ Dance Workouts and access to Celebrity Masterclasses: $249.00 USD.

One year of online TAPfit community access (the community includes full online access to all DVD exercises, all-inclusive training manuals, supplementary exercises, support, and recipes). Digital and one-time purchase program packages are available. On the website’s checkout page, customers can add wooden floors that can be rolled out and refolded after they finish their workout.

Your order will be delivered in 3 to 5 business days.

Contact Information For Customer Service

Refunds are available up to 60 days after the date of purchase on the website. Customers with questions can contact customer service by sending an email to:

• Product Assistance: support@TAPfit.com

• Customer Service: https://www.clkbank.com/#!/

Is TAPfit a Good Way to Exercise?

A trainer guides you through each phase of TAPfit exercises, which can be done sitting in a chair for those with mobility issues, and each phase ensures that even beginners understand the moves. The label claims that all stages are low-impact and safe for people of all fitness levels, while also raising your heart rate and causing you to burn up to 800 calories per hour.

Tap dancing typically burns approximately 315 calories per hour; thus, a typical 2-hour class implies 630 calories burned. If you take those classes on multiple days of the week, you will have burned a lot of calories.


TAPfit offers a unique type of workout that may appeal to those who typically avoid gyms (gyms). Even for beginners, the fin workouts will work the brain and the muscles with dance exercises. According to customer feedback, tapping along with music is extremely satisfying.

TAPfit classes will get you moving while also burning calories; however, you must be honest about how many calories you will burn per session. In any case, the best type of workout is the one that you will actually do; thus, TAPfit is an excellent option if it provides what you need to get moving.

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