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What is Red Detox Factor? This is an online ebook that was recently launched advertising the advantages of taking ‘red smoothies’ daily. There are some enormous benefits you will get when you drink smoothies packed with red fruits as well as some blue and purple fruits. Weight loss and reduced risk of various diseases are some of the benefits.

In this book, there is a point where the author has highlighted that nowadays almost everyone is craving for green smoothies all for good reasons but on the negative side, few people are paying attention to red smoothies. The ingredients included in these colorful fruits are full of antioxidants. These ingredients help the body to release toxins and also get rid of stubborn pounds.

Besides containing antioxidants, red smoothies are packed with minerals and vitamins which boost the overall health while increasing your overall concentration.

How Red Smooth Detox Factor Works

It is believed that Red Smoothie Detox factor was used by the Incan civilization in Peru, who used to drink it to stay healthy. Although there is no evidence to prove if this was true of false but, at least, a story can be generated from it. Aside from that, the creator of ref Smoothie Detox Factor claims the smoothie has four major ingredients which Incans relied on. They include:

Vanilla: According to the author, vanilla adds flavor without spiking your insulin which in most cases is known as ‘fat storing hormone’. Its fragrance too makes one feel spiked and alert, claims the author.

Maca: This is a plant which is found in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia and Peru. It helps in fighting cancer, balancing the endocrine system and fighting against stress. Maca is also used as an alternative to caffeine with minimal side effects. It is rich nutty flavor and mild.

Chia: Chia is a superfood that contains 4.3 grams of omega- 3 fatty acids in one cup; this is according to Elizabeth Swann Miller. This ingredient also has 4-grams of protein and 17% of your daily needs. It has a creamy texture to smoothies.

Cocoa: Cocoa was an ancient food of Incan goods. It is rich in health-enhancing phytonutrients like polyphenols which are similar to the antioxidants which are found in red wine.

You can make a powerful smoothie by squeezing the extract from these ingredients and then combining them with red, blue and purple fruits.

Rasberry is one popular red fruit that is mostly discussed in Red Smoothie Detox Factor. It is loaded with antioxidants and anthocyanins.

This diet isn’t about drinking red smoothies but your order will come with an additional ebook where you can learn about green smoothies for weight loss. The book has a 14-day detox plan where you mostly take red smoothies for 2 weeks to cleanse your body free from toxins.

The ingredients listed above are less expensive at any local grocery but if you are looking for those expensive hard-to-find ingredients and pricey juicer or blender, then this blender isn’t for you.

Red Smoothie Detox Factor Pricing

Red Smoothie Detox Factor retails at $30 and it is available in digital format only. You can transfer your digital copy to your tablet, computer or phone. Any device that can read PDFs then can download this copy. You can print it too if you wish. Purchases of this book are processed through Clickbank, an online eBook retailer which is well known for its 60- day money back guarantee. Request your money back before 60 days elapses upon purchasing it if you didn’t like it.

What is Included with Red Smoothie Detox Factor?

Red Smoothie Detox Factor ebook comes with four books which include:

  • Red Smooth Detox Factor
  • The Whole Body Health Shopping Guide
  • 100 Great Tasting Green Smoother Fat Loss Recipes
  • The Ultimate Super Food Quick Home Recipe Book

Who Created Red Smoothie Detox Factor?

This ebook was created by Liz Swann Miller. She claims that she originates from Ghana and never thought she will one day stumble on ancient knowledge that will save her life. It’s fortunate for the world because it is now benefiting from the Liz who stumbled on the Incan knowledge probably by climbing through mountain temples or something.

Liz is an established Amazon author who has published several kindle eBooks like Juice Fasting and Juice Recipes. She claims to have more than 10 years of professional experience in naturopathic doctor (ND) with psychology and naturopathy degrees.


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