PhenQ Review 2018 – Don’t Buy PhenQ until you read this.


phenq-bottle-burners fat de-FrancePhenQ Review 2018 – Don’t Buy PhenQ until you read this.

PhenQ | 2018 review

(Phenq Notice “2018”) The value of a slimming product (PhenQ) depends on how much it helps the world, or better those who use it to lose weight.

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This product which will be discussed below – the PhenQ – it seems that it works and even very well, if we judge from the high number of satisfied customers that it has had until now in a short time since has been introduced to the market for these products. The numbers that are given on the official website of the product can not neither lie nor even the specific people do not understand what they say in so many.

We will say that not only does this work and even very well, but it also has a fundamental difference compared to all other slimming products associated.

CAUTION: The Phenq in combination with several supplements in a single product, develops mechanisms that address the problem of weight loss globally, with even more desirable results and make it the most suitable for general use.

It is very important and easy to understand to use a product that can and combines ingredients to exclude the possibility of not having results of its use.

  1. But what is PhenQ?

The PhenQ a supplement without prescription , is a pill that is used as a dietary supplement which, according to its website, aims and dissolves (burn) the stored fat.

It also suppresses your appetite and prevents the production of fat.

There is also a claim by the manufacturers that it has a positive effect on your mood and gives you a boost of energy.

This product presents scientific and clinical studies, while researchers have found that it is an ideal product to successfully achieve results in the process of weight loss.

  1. What are the ingredients of PhenQ?PhenQ-Label-burners-of-fat-France

2.1 PhenQ is not a fentermine.

This is a clarification that needs to be made at this point, since the PhenQ does not contain and has nothing to do with fentermine .

2.2 The ingredients of PhenQ

This supplement contains 7 natural ingredients:

  1. Capsimax Powder (Poudre Capsimax)
  2. Calcium Carbonate (Calcium Carbonate)
  3. Chromium Picolinate (Picolinate de chrome)
  4. Caffeine
  5. Nopal
  6. L-Carnitine Furmurate
  7. And its key ingredient “a-Lacys Reset®”

For most people these names of ingredients mean nothing. But do not worry, in our next step we will examine in detail all the ingredients above.

  • 2.2.1 Capsimax Powder (Poudre Capsimax)capsiplex-powder

It is a mixture of capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin:

-Capsicum – came from chili pepper plants, in a 2012 study it is shown that this ingredient plays a role in quantitative weight loss. It affects the process of weight loss by reducing energy intake. Or in short it seems that the capsicum substance acts as an appetite suppressant.

-Piperine – Otherwise black pepper, it is also proved by a scientific study to play an important role in the reduction of fat.

-Caffeine – It is reported in more than one study to act on weight loss positively.caffeine


-Niacine – It is also called Vitamin B3. According to scientific inspections, Niacin is also important inconverting food into energy. Despite its vital functions, our body does not store niacin. This is why its reconstitution through the body is made by food or supplements.

  • 2.2.2 Calcium Carbonate (Calcium Carbonate)calcium-carbonateThis ingredient is a complementary form of dietary calcium. The official website of the product claims that Calcium Carbonate encourages the body to burn fat.
  • 2.2.3 Chromium Picolinate (Picolinate de chrome)chromium-picolinate

The chromium picolinate is a mineral that is found in many foods such as meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Research shows that chromium is able to neutralize the resistance of insulin.

And that’s why it can help regulate blood sugar, which, in turn, helps suppress the desire for carbohydrates and thus reduces calorie consumption.

  • 2.2.4 Nopalnopal

It comes from the Mexican Cranberry Cactus and studies show that its fibers are beneficial in helping the body to shed fat.

  • 2.2.5 Furried L-Carnitines (L-Carnitine Furry)l-carnitine

This ingredient is an amino acid that helps the metabolism of fat and energy production. Red meat, avocados and dairy products contain this PhenQ ingredient .

  • 2.2.6 aLacy’s Reset

The key ingredient of the product is a mixture of alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. It acts as a metabolic booster , increasing thermogenesis in the body , with a natural consequence of burning calories faster.

And after our knowledge of the ingredients of this supplement, the first question that comes to the mind of every person is

  1. Is the PhenQ safe?

The information we get from the manufacturers is that it is manufactured in laboratories approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

It is a fact remains and it is taken into account in the benefits of the product that this Service that publishes a list of information and warnings about supplements that are considered a threat to the health or even the lives of those who uses them, has never included the PhenQ in this list, and there has never been a warning for doubts about its performance.

What is even more important and confirm that there is no risk of using the product is that its ingredients are 100% pharmaceutical .

This product is therefore secure and only special cases such as those of pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as persons under 18 years of age should not use this product.

Still cases where there have been special situations or previous medications, will need to consult their personal physician before proceeding with the use of this product.

  1. Are there any side effects when using PhenQ?

So far users have not reported any significant side effects.

It should also be stressed that, because of caffeine, it also acts as a stimulant, so people with a sensitivity to caffeine will have to regulate its consumption in the morning or shortly after noon to avoid sleep problems etc.

  1. Does the PhenQ work for the purpose it is projected?

The PhenQ is relatively new in the market. That’s why there are not many evaluations and estimates on the Internet.

However the PhenQ actually works for the realization of the goal that it says there is.

The users of the product actually lost weight when they started taking this pill regularly. Their testimonials also refer to the benefits of the greater energy they gained and the loss of their appetite during supplement treatment.

It is characteristic that there is a wide range of user testimonials for the positive action of the product.

  1. A quick look at what PhenQ doesphenq-change-burners fat de-France

  • It’s a new unique product designed for better slimming results
  • It dissolves (burns) stored fat and gives you the chance to enjoy a well-curved body
  • It suppresses the appetite
  • It prevents the production of fat and therefore increases the weight
  • It improves mood and energy levels
  • It has a high quality manufacturing type and is manufactured in the United Kingdom and the United States in accredited laboratories.
  1. Purchase and warranty of PhenQ – Price

The PhenQ is not available in stores or pharmacies, it can be purchased on the official product website (

The PhenQ is available in bottles of 60 pills and the bottling price for a bottle is 65.95 euros , from the retail price of 75.95 euros, giving you a profit of 10 euros.PhenQNEWbottle1

Certainly the offers of two or three bottles are more advantageous on their purchase and their purchase is done as follows

By buying two (2) bottles with PhenQ you get one more free and the final offer price is set at 129.95euros compared to the original price of 227.95 . You benefit from 97.90 euros.Phenq24deal

The offer in the purchase of three bottles is even more impressive where two additional bottles are offered for free with two bottles ADVANA CLEANSE final price of 174.95 euros compared to the original retail price of 379.75 euros.PhenQ-Tone-3-pq2b1

A total profit of 204.80 euros.

Yet in this buying process there are two unmatched advantages that make the PhenQ stand out

  1. You do not pay a shipping fee – Free Shipping
  1. There is a 60-day money back guarantee from the moment you place your order.

There is no doubt that only companies that believe in the truth and the capacity of their product can guarantee especially the second, namely a guarantee of full refund of your money .

  1. Scientific Product Support – Reflections in Feedback – Conflict

Clinical and scientific studies of a product are always the No.1 pillar of support for this product, as well as for its performance.

In the case of PhenQ , there are indeed clinical studies that are also presented on the official website of the supplement.graphs1-frgraphs2-fr

A complaint or protest that is heard is that there are not many. Certainly the product does not boast of the number of clinical studies it has had until today, but mostly of something more tangible, its results.

But here is an explanation. This is not a product that has been available for decades. This is a new product that has been introduced to this dietary supplement market a few years ago.

But let’s see also one more complaint that is expressed in many websites that deal with corresponding products.

What do they claim? Yes, they admit the company informs us about the ingredients that the product includes and reports indeed also specific clinical and scientific studies for each of them, but does not inform us for the quantities with which each of the ingredients is added to the final product. And they continue their claim by saying that if the quantities of each ingredient are not the appropriate ones that are required then the product is ineffective and can not achieve what it advertises.

But again this is obvious. When you have a few thousand customers who say they were served by the product and actually helped them not only in weight loss but also in improving their energy level and even their mood, is it possible to believe that this drug is not effective because it does not mention separately the milligrams of each ingredient?

Possibly we have to do with childish thoughts that try to tarnish the image of the effectiveness of the supplement.

We must not pursue this reasoning, because it may not even convince those who built it.

  1. Preparatory Company

The PhenQ is manufactured by the Bauer Nutrition Company . The Company has been in the field for about a decade and has manufactured and marketed some of the most popular dietary supplements.Bauer_Logo-burners-of-fat-France

The Company has established itself in the field and has gained the trust of a large public mainly for the fact that it manufactures dietary supplements using only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and always facilitating research on its existing products. , and on the material ingredients to be used in the future.

  1. Communication

The Company presents in its official website both a telephone number and a specific email address for sending messages and comments.

  1. One last thought

Also at the end of each evaluation the article mentions a few words as a conclusion.

You do not have to believe what he’s saying, but it will probably be in your interest to listen to them or rather to read them and create your own judgment to see if it’s true, or a commercial trick, or something that tries to fool you and guide you where the writer wants to go.

So here we have reviewed and presented a relatively new food supplement, among the best in the field, as most critics also indicate and you can find it yourself.

The PhenQ is a dietary supplement that combines the highest quality of many other supplements in a pill.

The testimonials of the customers grant that it really works and burns (dissolves) the fat, suppresses the appetite, favors the level of your energy and improves your mood.

It helps users lose weight and ultimately acquire the body they dream of.

Each ingredient has been chosen to stimulate metabolism and activate thermogenesis (increase in body temperature), as well as to suppress drowsiness.

Since the patented form of the product has included only natural ingredients, the supplement has no unwanted side effects and the most impressive, manufacturers are willing to offer a 60-day money back guarantee .

Your decision therefore is yours and probably this ambitious new product is your own to help you in a test so difficult like that of weight loss.


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