How To Lose Weight Before Christmas?

How To Lose Weight Before Christmas?

Is It Possible For Me To Lose Weight Before Christmas?

It’s October, which means that holiday sweets are on the shelf, party evenings are being planned, and little black dresses are beginning to appear. At this time of year, I’m always asked the same question:

What is the maximum amount of weight I can drop before Christmas?

This does not make me sad; in fact, it makes me happy since it implies you want to make a change and have planned it almost three months ahead of time.

Here are two pertinent questions:

  1. How much weight should you lose in a reasonable amount of time?
  2. What is the best way for me to shed this weight?

A Reasonable Weight Loss Goal

Aim for a weight loss of 1-2 pounds every week, which is advised and reasonable. I did say PER WEEK. If you’re addicted to crash diets, forget all you’ve learned. By maintaining long-term weight loss, slow and steady wins the race. Nutrition is important for life, not just for the holidays!

What does a pound of weight look like?

Before you dismiss 1 pound as insufficient, consider this: 1 pound is the weight of a thick paperback book or a tin of beans. It’s not a trivial sum. A 5-pound infant is a complete package. So, in essence, you could drop the weight of six can of beans in three weeks and twenty tins in ten weeks, just in time for Christmas. It doesn’t appear to be so small now, does it? For Christmas, you could lose a stone and a half.

What’s the best way for me to lose this weight?

Weight loss advice can be confusing and intimidating, which often leads to inaction — analysis paralysis! While I am not a fan of fads, I am a fan of simplicity. So here are my top three weight-loss suggestions:-

Only make a single change at a time.

We have a finite quantity of willpower, according to research. This indicates that we can only exercise a certain amount of willpower at any given time. On that basis, and based on my experience with clients, I advocate addressing nutrition first, then exercise, rather than both at the same time. It is nearly impossible to out-train a terrible diet; thus, what we eat accounts for 90% of the struggle with weight loss. As a result, it makes sense, to begin with, our diet. This may appear to be debatable, as eating properly can motivate us to exercise and vice versa. The domino effect, as I like to call it. However, the amount of willpower necessary to effectively change our eating and moving habits overnight is enormous. It certainly sounds crazy to say that we will get up on Monday morning and modify our lifetime eating habits while also incorporating regular workouts (which would make us more hungry and weary).

Instead, I recommend focusing on healthier nutrition for at least four weeks before adding exercise (unless, of course, you already do regular exercise, in which case, carry on as normal).

Spend a week analyzing your bad habits

Consider the following questions:

A. When do I have the most trouble during the day?

B. What is my primary food or beverage weakness?

C. Before succumbing to temptation, what is the voice in my head saying?

Then devise a plan by completing the following steps:

A. switch up what you’re doing when you’re at your most vulnerable. If you have a sweet tooth, take a bath or go for a stroll right after dinner.

B. Substitute a healthy (and less caloric) yet nonetheless enticing vice for your old one. Instead of ice cream and chocolate sauce, serve low-fat Greek yogurt with baked nectarines and honey.

C. When the voice in your head tries to derail you, decide on a solid response. Make that voice a different person who is attempting to ruin you by giving it a name.

Track your calories for seven days with the ‘My Fitness Pal app.

There is just one technique to reduce weight: generate a tiny calorie deficit EVERY DAY. Whatever diet you’ve followed in the past has only worked because you’ve expended more calories than you’ve ingested over a period of time. My Fitness Pal is a fantastic app for keeping track of what we eat and burn throughout the day. It even offers a scanning option for already-in-the-system packaged items (of which there are many). You simply enter your age, weight, sex, height, and goal weekly weight loss of 1-2 pounds. Then you keep track of everything you eat and do each day. I won’t lie, it can be tedious, and the most difficult part is weighing the amounts of food you consume. This is, however, the most useful element since most of my clients find that their portions are much greater and more calorific than they anticipated. This embarrassingly occurred to me as well! For many people, using the app on a long-term basis is unrealistic and time-consuming. As a result, I recommend using it as a learning experience for seven days. We tend to consume the same foods week after week, so a snapshot of one week is generally enough to understand where you’re going wrong and what has to change.

So, yeah, a stone can be lost before Christmas. It’s possible that you’ll lose a stone and a half.

  • Concentrate on just one change at a time.
  • Recognize your harmful habits and communicate with your inner saboteur.
  • Use ‘My Fitness Pal’ to keep track of what you consume on a daily basis.

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