How did the roosevelts make their money

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Section: the roosevelts made their money through coal mining and railroads

Section: franklin roosevelt went to harvard university

Section: franklin roosevelt died in 1945 of a cerebral hemorrhage

Section: eleanor roosevelt was very active in politics in her own right and after her husband’s death

Section: theodore roosevelt was the youngest elected president of the united states

Section: eleanor roosevelt was a member of a prominent new york family

Takeaway: The Roosevelts are a fascinating presidential couple.

The Roosevelts were a wealthy family. They made their money in a variety of ways, but the best way to understand how they made their fortune is to look at several examples of their wealth.

The Roosevelts were originally from New York, and during the time when John D. Rockefeller was building his empire, he hired Theodore Roosevelt’s father as an attorney for Standard Oil. This helped him become very wealthy indeed. He owned banks and railroads, and he was also a member of the New York Stock Exchange.

His son Theodore was born into this wealth, but he went on to become president of the United States himself (though he was not elected until after his father’s death). His brother also served as governor of New York State, which further increased their wealth.

As president, Theodore led America through World War I and became known as one of our greatest leaders ever since—and yet even after his presidency ended (and even though his wife died while still in office), he continued to be one of the most influential men in America throughout the rest of his life until his death in 1919 at age 60 years old due to illness related to malaria contracted while leading troops through tropical rainforests during

The Roosevelts were originally Dutch settlers who immigrated to the United States in the early 1600s. They eventually settled in New York City, where they became wealthy merchants and traders. Theodore’s father, Warren Delano II, was a successful shipping magnate and first made his fortune in the China trade.

In 1828, Theodore married Anna Rebecca Hall and started a family. He attended Harvard University briefly before dropping out due to poor grades. However, he went on to serve in various positions within government including as assistant secretary of the Navy under President James K. Polk during the Mexican-American War (1846–1848).

After losing the election for vice president in 1868, he was elected Governor of New York State in 1871. He served two terms as governor and then ran for president in 1880 but lost to James Garfield by just three electoral votes. Four years later, however, he won the presidency with William McKinley as his running mate. While in office he focused on civil service reform as well as conservationism—which included setting aside land for national parks such as Yellowstone National Park—and foreign policy such as expanding trade relations with Latin America countries like Chile and Argentina while also helping Great Britain avoid war with


In conclusion, the Roosevelts used their name to garner influence and give access to many doors of high society. They weren’t secretive about this redistribution of wealth but instead flaunted it. Not having a specific source of money made them better than the other wealthy families but they also used that negative discourse to their advantage. Their blood line proved that they were much more powerful than others, we see this when Franklin is being questioned about his father’s first hand experience in China. The Roosevelts were able to do whatever they wanted without repercussion showing how powerful they really were.

The Roosevelts were a wealthy family for over three generations, so their accumulated wealth was based on significant investments and eventually led to a partnership in the Roosevelt & Son’s firm, which invested in railroads and other companies from the 1860s until the turn of the century.

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