PhenQ is a treatment against obesity, developed by Bauer Laboratories.

If this drug is both called fat burner , slimming pill , or hunger cut , it is to emphasize the triple action and effectiveness of this treatment against overweight.

PhenQ is a treatment that acts according to different modalities of action to fight against obesity from several angles. It combines several natural methods and substances, making it dangerous for health and particularly aggressive in its fight against weight gain.

With a very good reputation, PhenQ is very popular because it is easy to use and gentle on your body. Discover our complete file below.

Overview and benefits of PhenQ

The main advantage of PhenQ is its triple action, making it all the more effective in eliminating fat and stopping weight gain. This slimming treatment combines the effects of different medications & dietary supplements that usually each have a specific and focused action on a cause or symptom of obesity.

For example Xenical focuses on the destruction of fat. However, these drugs, by attacking only one of the causes of obesity, or only one of the symptoms, may not be suitable for the treatment of severe obesity. Thus, using PhenQ may be preferable in some cases where overweight is important, as well as for people who are unmotivated or who have previously performed many unsuccessful diets.

In addition, you should know that this drug is considered a product with an all-natural constitution. Indeed, within the ingredients that make up this treatment, we find the combination of many dietary supplements of 100% natural origin. These different supplements have different advantages (as we will see later), but the combination of these products of nature brings a multitude of benefits, all essential for a fast weight loss, healthy and without (too much) pain.

The PhenQ goes further: from the destocking of fats to promote energy expenditure, through the reduction of the recurrent sensation of hunger that forces people under this influence to over-feed and always eat more fat. The PhenQ will tackle the different and complex food and digestive phases that obese people face daily. So many difficult tests when it comes to losing fat.

Indeed, losing weight is part of a global approach combining healthy diet, daily physical effort and total mental disposition . In addition, lose weight presupposes a previous loss of fat already present, which is even more difficult that they have been installed for several years.

By accompanying them in these different phases and at different levels of fight against obesity, both physically and mentally, overweight or obese people feel less difficulty in starting and continuing dieting without suffering the collateral effects – called “yoyo effects” – often catastrophic. Weight loss is faster, more effective and longer with this medicine.

Thus, with its various active ingredients allied together within PhenQ, this drug is a particularly effective concentrate to achieve significant weight loss, economic and does not require the purchase of several pills or different nutritional supplements.

Practical bonus: this slimming treatment frees you from the daily and unpleasant taking of a multitude of pills. Here, a single box and a single pill to be taken twice a day for a better final result.

How does PhenQ work?

In order to see more clearly about its real action against obesity and to shed light on what does, or does not do PhenQ, here we combine the 3 main effects of the drug and its key substances:

1. Burns fat

Existing and new, all the bad fats of the human body will be burned easily with this drug.

The PhenQ’s patented active ingredient, Capsimax, is actually a formula that is at the root of the process of destroying the fat already in the body or newly ingested.

At the heart of this device, we find the essence of pepper and pepper in two forms, each attacking two types of fat:

– Capsicum (8mg) attacks new fats by preventing their formation. The PhenQ formula therefore resumes the principles similar to other known fat burners, but is distinguished by using a plant-based substance and not an enzyme.

Ingested fats are, either by an enzymic effect or by an alkaloid as here, instantly evacuated via the rectal route. Digestion of these fats does not occur, thanks to the capsicum that will short circuit the normal process of assimilation of fats by the cells of the small intestine.

In doing so, the small intestine does not absorb them; in other words, these fats will not be found in your body but directly in the stool. However, the effectiveness of this action burns fat is conditioned to a low calorie diet accompanying the process , which is rarely specified in other sites! However, it should be noted that PhenQ is not a miracle pill that will melt fat without action or change your habits (food & sports). If the presence of fat in the food bowl remains possible, they must be reduced to a minimum.

– Regarding the fat already installed , the presence of Piperine (3mg) is central because it stimulates the metabolism and encourages the body to tap into its fat resources. It is also a very active alkaloid with anti-inflammatory properties, but the fat installed is the result of inflammation of the adipose tissue.

2. Cut the appetite

It is important to note the presence of chromium picolinate (80mcg) and nopal (20mg), commonly known as the prickly pear. These are the active substances of PhenQ to reduce appetite and cut feelings of hunger become constant in obese people .

Chromium picolinate first plays a key role in regulating the level of carbohydrate in the blood, thus reducing the craving for sugar. This trace element has an effect on the reduction of diabetes and on the increase of the feeling of satiety.

The nopal is going to reveal exceptional properties on the reduction of the sugar level in the blood, as well as on the decrease of the feeling of hunger. Its hypoglycemic and satiogenic effects are important assets in the fight against obesity.

Namely: the benefits of these two natural elements are therefore at the heart of the action of PhenQ. It prevents cravings that insidiously lead to unnecessary food intake focused on high-calorie products, as well as prevents snacking throughout the day. Here again, almost unconscious eating habits in people suffering from significant overweight.

To conclude: by reducing the feeling of hunger, people using PhenQ will reduce the size of their food, the quantities of food consumed will be reduced. In total, the PhenQ will therefore especially allow to change behavioral habits, a guarantee of sustainability and effectiveness in a weight loss approach.

3. Boost energy

And by extension … boosts the mood too!

In the composition of PhenQ, L-carnitine (142,5mg) is an amino acid involved in the transformation of fats into energy.

This goes through a double mechanism that will make you lose even more weight.

First an organic mechanism:

Energy expenditure is stimulated by the increase in body heat, a process that is naturally occurring but is less active in obese people. However, this thermogenic process alone is a source of significant energy expenditure and therefore an additional means of burning calories .

Then there is a mechanical process:

The very fact of having energy will naturally lead you to move more, want to play sports, and therefore to burn even more fat mass. Feeling more energetic, more motivated and less fatigued with each effort, morale is also improved. Thanks to PhenQ, a harmonious circle is installed.

4. Other ingredients and benefits of this slimming medication

Around these key substances, other natural elements, trace elements and minerals enrich the treatment, giving it a therapeutic effect. Therefore, PhenQ can also be used as a global care for our body:

> Caffeine: it acts on two tables, recognized for both its famous stimulating effects favoring an activity, as for its hunger suppressing effect. Present in quantity quite correct: 150mg.

> Calcium carbonate (625 mg) : its assimilation promotes weight loss while strengthening your bones.

> The presence of vitamin B3: or niacin (4.5mg), is involved in lipid synthesis and thermogenesis.

> Alpha Lacy : it is the magic potion of PhenQ, also patented (25mg). It is actually an antioxidant combining 3 elements. It is composed of alpha lipoic acid, already involved naturally in the transformation of fat into energy immediately usable: the PhenQ will amplify its action. It also works in lowering cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels.

> Cysteine: it performs the same function as alpha acid but focuses on fatty acids, which it promotes combustion. She is also very active in the fight against aging. Cysteine ​​is particularly useful for menopausal or menopausal women, as it allows a return to hormonal balance and an improvement in mood.

> And finally, magnesium (10mg) : essential mineral at the base of our body balance and our daily form. He is also an excellent advocate against diabetes .

Our opinion : By the combined action of PhenQ, weight loss is accelerated, you find a slimming weight much faster. It is these associated and jointly active benefits that give PhenQ its added value compared to other drugs. In addition to this, it allows you to eventually get rid of it, stop taking the drug after having found yourself reflexes and mechanisms healthy (move, eat less, etc.) and find a balanced and harmonious body .

Efficacy and results of PhenQ: reviews and clinical trials

If this diet medicine is as popular today (while still considered a “newcomer” in the market for weight loss) it is thanks to its formidable efficiency to burn calories and lose weight , but also thanks to the absence of side effects , which allows a safe administration on his health.

From a scientific point of view, its effectiveness has been proven under conditions of studies & laboratory tests. Thus, the physicians responsible for clinical studies gave PhenQ for 2 months to a first group of people with significant overweight. Another group of obese people was taken as a “control group” during the same period. That is, they were given pills they thought were based on Lacys Reset®, when in reality it was just a placebo product and therefore totally ineffective.

Let’s now look at the results obtained by the group that consumed the true PhenQ:

Thanks to the benefits of the drug, the group has obtained very encouraging results with a view to significant weight loss, in a very short time. With 7.24% fat lost on average, as well as a loss of 3.44% of the total weight , these clinical studies have shown a certain effectiveness of this drug to lose weight. In addition, by noting an increase of 3.80% of their muscle mass, the doctors concluded that the active ingredients of this drug did not attack the muscles of the individuals, but only the fats harmful to the state of health.

Of course, there is no “one” weight loss but thousands! Each organism reacts differently and therefore it is essential to consider the results of this study from a “global” point of view, as an average. Thus, some of you can achieve much better results in terms of thinning, when others will have more difficulty in achieving these figures.

In all cases, the vast majority of individuals will be able to see the beneficial effects of this drug after 2 months of intake (duration of the program prescribed by health professionals who designed the PhenQ). That is why it is necessary to keep a motivation, that it is for the taking of the diet pills, but also from a point of view food & physical, during all this period.

Regarding the opinions of people who have already used this treatment, once again they are unanimous on their effectiveness. For example, two reviews left directly on the official website of the drug:

Other real reviews are easily found on the net, be it through blog posts or directly on forums. In addition, by browsing through various testimonials, our teams frequently came across opinions that, in addition to being positive because they were happy to have achieved their weight loss goals, praised the energy benefits, the mood and on motivation, these pills to lose weight.

Conclusion: PhenQ is extremely effective in fighting obesity. In addition to losing weight by burning the bad fats, taking this treatment improves the mood and motivation of the patients who are essential factors to get out of a significant overweight permanently. Be careful though, there is no quick fix to lose 10 pounds a week! It is necessary to be patient, so to note positive evolutions on the body during the progress of the treatment.


PhenQ is a medicine that comes in the form of a box of 60 tablets, in which galenic capsules are contained.

The setting frequency is twice a day , at breakfast and at lunch. We advise you not to take it in the afternoon or later, because PhenQ contains excitants (such as caffeine) that can disturb the sleep of sensitive people.

Reminder: we recall that, contrary to what is stated on some sites, there is no miraculous weight loss, or spectacular fat loss, especially if the patient makes no change in food.

It is therefore necessary that people taking PhenQ adapt their diet but also their diet, and that the treatment is regularly applied. In doing so, you will begin to notice after several weeks a weight loss that varies according to the organization, on average 3% of their weight per week .

To summarize : the dosage of PhenQ is very simple, without preparation necessary beforehand or imposed time period or limited. The treatment is as important as the patient needs it, and can stop it when he has reached a healthy weight and is ready to go on his own.

Side and unwanted effects

The side effects of PhenQ are very minimal. No known and dangerous effects have been reported so far, the composition of PhenQ being primarily natural.

In general, we advise people who are already on treatment, who have a serious illness or health problems to consult a doctor to make sure that the PhenQ is safe to take.

We think in particular of the sufferers:

  • of a cancer
  • of autoimmune diseases
  • kidney or liver disease
  • proven heart disease
  • any other severe or serious illness.

To avoid all risks, it is necessary to alert a health care professional if you notice any abnormality as a result of taking this medication. Due to its recent arrival on the market and although no side effects or other precautions of use have been reported, it is necessary to pay attention and listen to the signals sent by his body.

As a preventative measure, it is customary for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and growing children and adolescents not to use PhenQ. Other methods to lose weight should be used. Following a consultation (physical or online) with a doctor approved, it will direct you to another weight loss solution, more adapted to your body type, body and general health.

Where to buy PhenQ?

Important information before starting this part: obtaining this medicine does not require a prescription, so you can make your purchase without having a prescription.

Unlike 99% of the drugs that you will find on our site, you will not be able to get the PhenQ by going to a classic pharmacy. Indeed, this treatment is only available on the official website of the manufacturer (link below).

This particular distribution policy is driven by two wills:

1) Security . By ordering your PhenQ directly on the official platform, you are sure to receive a non-infringed and non-infringing product. Thus, if it is possible to find PhenQ cheap (or cheaper) on other sites, we do not formally advise you to make such an online order. You could put your health at risk because there is a high probability that the product in question will be counter-manufactured, which explains the lower prices . Not knowing the composition of these unofficial drugs, the risks to your body are enormous.

Our advice: you do not need to save a few euros for thoughtless risks. Whatever happens, prefer to go through the official website.

2) The price. By being assured of being the only official distributor, the manufacturer also prevents traditional distribution chains (such as pharmacies) from raising prices to ensure a comfortable margin. Thus, it is impossible to find the official PhenQ at lower prices than on the main site of the brand .

At what price?

Currently there are 3 different offers and rates to start PhenQ treatment:

Thus, you will find the basic falcon of 60 tablets at 65.95 € . ( NB: take advantage because it is a promotion that saves you 10 euros , the basic product selling at 79.95 € ).

From 2 boxes bought, you receive one free which gives us a lot of 3 boxes to 129.95 € (and therefore, a saving of 97.90 € ).

Finally, the most popular and most advantageous offer is the one with 5 boxes of PhenQ for 174.95 € (which represents a saving of 204.80 € ). Namely, you will receive a free “Bonus” vial of Advana Tone to further accelerate weight loss.

“What if this medicine does not suit me?

Know that by buying this medicine, you do not risk anything from a financial point of view. Bauer Laboratories are certain of the effectiveness of their product, they offer a guarantee for a full refund within 67 days of ordering (if it was made on the official website only).

So, if you feel that this treatment does not suit you, simply return the remaining pills to get a 100% refund of the price spent.

“What about delivery?

No matter which offer you choose, delivery will be 100% free. So, whether you live in France or anywhere else in the world, you will not pay for delivery but will benefit from an express shipment so that you can receive your pills as soon as possible.